Where I've Been All this Time

Wow. It's been more than a YEAR since I last posted here!

Well ... I've been busy.

Let's see:

I had twins!
That was something. They are adorable. You can read more about them and the rest of the family here.

Both "Dirty Darlene" and "James Dean, My Love, My Copy Boy" became available for sale in actual words-on-paper print!
Yep -- Carve Magazine and Armchair/Shotgun published the issues in which I was included. If you wanna go buy them, you can do that by following the links in my sidebar ... Yep. I added links to my sidebar!

I finished the screenplay with Mr. Lovely and Amazing. 
He doesn't agree, but it's in his court for the moment. And has been ... for awhile now ...

I wrote and performed an essay for the Afterbirth reading series.
Have you read the book that spawned the series? You should. It's pretty awesome. Best collection of essays about parenting ever. I laughed. I cried. No, seriously, I did both those things. And I'm not even schilling for it because I'm in it -- 'cause I'm not. But I seriously dug reading for it -- and on my 36 birthday, even! (Basically a year from the last time I posted here.) There were 6 readers totally, and I think I fell somewhere around #3 in terms of entertainment value, so I was pretty jazzed about that.

I wrote a TV pilot spec ALL ON MY LONESOME.
It's a one-hour drama, I am very very proud of it -- and myself. Because, again: I wrote it ALL ON MY LONESOME. Which means I am the master of that particular domain -- which was a) the life-lesson learned with Mr. Lovely and Amazing, who is still both things but who has halfsies on the screenplay we worked on together, so I am not master of THAT particular domain (see the life-lesson?) and b) the advice given me by Ms. Fabulous TV Exec Old Friend, who said basically, I needed to prove I could do it ALL ON MY LONESOME.

Well -- I feel vaguely proven on that point now. That said, the spec I wrote, which satisfies all I love about television, is apparently, according to the production company and both agencies that have covered it, not sure whether it is a cable project or a network project. I sort of thought I was leaving the door open to whomever wanted it to develop it the way they wanted to, but apparently that's the wrong approach. So now I need to decide where to go in the next round -- network or cable. Which makes me think now I need a Guru to help me figure out WHAT COMES NEXT.

I started talking to a Preschool Parent about developing content for his very cool interactive iPad books for kids. 
He runs a very cool company -- their first book-app is based on a story his sister wrote for his 5-yo daughter called Penelope Rose. Check it out -- it's pretty fab.

I got a screenplay commission.
Generous Old Writer Friend started a production company and asked me to write the second project for their company. Working on that now -- and again: ALL ON MY LONESOME!

And I started Mommy-blogging.
No, really, I did. I figured I had a lot of kids, I might as well write what I know ... so now I do. You can find me at Checklistmommy.com, where I've actually been getting a ton of very gratifying traffic, and which has been keeping me writing very very regularly -- which is a good thing. And which has made me think that I ought to post over here more, too -- because sure, I know about kids. I know about being a Mom. And I REALLY know what it's like to try to be a WRITING MOM.

So check back here more often -- I promise to post more, because honestly, the more I've been writing-writing, the more I've gotten interesting in talking about the nuts-and-bolts processes I've been employing to DO all that writing-writing -- and the more I've gotten interested in finding out OTHER people's processes ... Anyway. More soon.

Come on back.

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