Weekly check-in: The Power of Three

This was the first week since the start of the year that I accomplished less than I'd hoped. There were a few reasons for this -- a little bit of a horse melt-down made it tough for me to concentrate at work, plus an unexpected visit from an out-of-town friend, plus hours wasted/spent researching, buying, and playing around with my new Treo (I dropped my old phone in a puddle). It wasn't a TOTAL wash, but I only gained 72 of the 100 points I was going for this week, so I don't get the pretty Timbuk2 case for my new Treo ...

Here's what I did manage to do, despite all the silly distractions. I chose three projects for the week, and made headway on them all:
1. Revise "Seven" to a second draft -- completed!

2. Critique mss for friend -- in progress -- read his mss, but still need to write up my critique notes for him

3. Launch editing business -- in progress -- collected comments on my one-sheet, but decided to wait until I was finished with friend's mss to draft the email blast about the venture ... Dilly-dallied as I debated with myself the pluses and minuses of opening shop, worrying about whether I can spare the time from my own writing to edit others on any larger scale than I'm already doing free, for my friends. But this afternoon I decided that I can always turn away clients if I need more time for my own work -- the point of this business is I can modulate it anyway I like. So next week I get this thing off the ground.
Looking over these notes, I'm feeling encouraged by the amount I accomplished despite this being a "bad week"-- go me. Once again, the power of three proves itself -- three projects is just enough to make me feel productive without feeling overwhelmed.

Next Week's Big Three:
1. Revise "Seven" to a third draft.
2. Complete and deliver mss notes to friend.
3. Send an email blast about my new editing business.

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