On Rooms of Our Own (Again, Forever, Always)

We're about to start a major renovation at home, which has me thinking a lot about how/what I want my workspace there to be. I've already told our architectects it has to be quiet and somehow "separate" from the house, so people have to think twice about bothering me, but also so I catch myself as I'm getting up from the chair to go do dishes and make myself sit back down. I worry lots about going home to work again -- having office space a fifteen-minutes drive from home has been a blessing upon blessings, really. But we're not building more rooms so that I can keep throwing rent money at the dog-collar wearing kid I'm renting from here, so that being said, I think I ought to forward this essay to our architects as a sort of guide to how a writing space ought to be.

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the Happy Booker said...

hey SKL! thanks to linking to my site and to Roxana's essay. I hope you enjoy her new collection as much as her taste in writing spaces! Look forward to reading more from you. Wendi Kaufman