New Personal Best

Chapter 1 of 2N is complete, at least as far as initial beginning-middle-end drafting goes. All of seven days work! I'm very very impressed with myself.

Am going to let it stay messy and move on to Chapter 2 tomorrow -- my best intentions are just to motor through as quickly as I can and get all necessary events and such down on paper all the way to story's end before I start prettying things up. Not even spell-checking, though I may have to do basic prose-prettying for various Writer's Groups just so I have something to submit . Will bring Chapter 1 to Sunday Group next week, and then I can always submit it again the following week for the floating Mon/Weds/Tues Group and just take all the notes and save them for when I'm through a draft and ready to look backwards. At that rate, if I can get another Chapter done this month, I'll be at least a chapter ahead of myself for Group reads, which would be good -- then at least I can see what's working and what's not as I move along. Granted, there is a risk here that listening to 10 people talk about current work will have me want to kill time going back for fixes -- so Chapter 1 will be the experiment. If hearing Group critiques slows momentum, I will cease bringing Chapters in to read and just soldier on in the dark. However, I do feel that my own personal sense of direction is much stronger than it was three or four years ago when I was first workshopping HART and getting sidetracked trying to deal with all and sundry suggestions. This time I'm older and more sure of my own perspective, plus this story is much better plotted forward and psychologically mapped than were early drafts of HART, so there you go.

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