A Plug for "Says You"

By far and away the best programming on radio. Last night I stumbled upon it again after it went missing in the twice-annual KCRW schedule shuffle ... and was thrilled they'd started playing a brand new game:

Library Of Congress Categories.

Such as:

Q: "Psychology, regression -- Islands in Wake of Shipwreck, Plane Crash -- violence -- boys"

A: Lord of the Flies.

Points are awarded depending how quickly you can guess the book from its LOC subjects -- in this case, if you guessed the title based on only "Psych., reg." you get 10 points, then 8 if you add "Islands," and so on.

I found this to be wonderfully, fabulously, divertingly Fun -- Fun in an Aristotlean Absolute sort of way.

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Anonymous said...

It's no Joe Frank, but it'll have to do.