Slight change of plans and weather

Have extended my Colorado trip by 5 days, realizing that in lovely snowy Meeker, pop. SMALL, distractions NONE, I really have nothing to do but WRITE -- it's quiet here, and since I'm not home, I have no responsibilities to house, husband, or even cats and horse. So I'm digging in tomorrow, at what's essentially my own private Yaddo. Hope to get far enough along that I don't even suffer the smallest twinge of resentment when my parents descend on LA next week, making both work and workout time impossible.

Which is not to say I will be doing any real exercising here. Perhaps I'll walk up and down a hill or two tomorrow. OH! I can resume my walks! There is lots of lovely walking to be done in snowy Meeker.


Arise, eat, email, shower, WORK, eat, email, WALK, READ, WRITE LETTERS, email, eat, sleep.

Tough life, this.

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