Getting It Back On ...

Ok, so yesterday I was still running around with what we prep-schooler's used to call "'rents"(perhaps because they paid ours?) but I still managed 2 hours of my own time, in which I made last polish to "Darlene," made 20 copies at Kinkos, and submitted it to a bunch of places, all of which liked "Soap" enough to send me lovely handwritten notes about the reasons they couldn't use it but would like to see more in the future ... well, the future may have taken damn near three years, but I ain't gonna sneeze at that, so what the hell, the future is now.

All that said, I am expecting the 'rents to check in around an hour from now ... have been to the barn and the grocery store, done a load of laundry, and assembled the lasagna for tonight's Parental Send-Off and Danielle-Welcome Party. While assembling said lasagna, I had all sorts of fabulous insights for my new story, so I am going to go see how much I can get done in the possibly an hour until I'm back on 'rental call.

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