Trucking Along

Pretty good session today. I missed yesterday because head cold has migrated south-chesterly and bronchial coughs prompted Husband to insist I stay in or at least on the bed. But all was not lost: I spent time among the pillows going through the monster Wedding Binder I assembled last year to assist in planning, and discovered I have a great resource for 2N: the 30-page checklist table I created to track progress.

So today I spent awhile generating the Wedding Plot Line for 2N, a project that should take me through tomorrow at least, and if I lug my laptop to Colorado next week, should busy me for awhile there, too. Would love to come home from Colorado with a working-ish 2N Comprehensive Outline that I can start writing from.

Also worked more on Dirty Darlene today. Want to come back from Colorado with a new draft of that, too.

Perils of shared office-space: someone is eating something FOUL that is coming through my vent. It smells like airplane-food crossed with school-cafeteria food, and as I've made a 29-year point of not indulging in either, I thank the gods that I managed to accomplish as much as I did before the stink began.

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Anonymous said...

I wasn't eating. I was regurgitating.