Through Wind and Snow ...

Ok, so it's not snowing in SoCal, but last night's thunderstorms were close enough. House leaking, AGAIN -- it wasn't enough I was up at 2 scrounging for cold meds, clearly Husband and I needed that 4 am rush to plug leaky windows with spare towels and packing tape. Plus the mysterous, constant ringing of the fax line, and the crashing about of trees overhead ... Suffice it to say, best intentions to be out the door at 6:30 am scuttled. I didn't make it out of the house until nearly 11 am, and didn't get to the office until 1. But I am giving myself full-credit for a 4-hour work-session, despite only putting in 2.5 hours, because of head cold, lack of sleep, and also:

I did good work.

Worked on SECOND NOVEL (hereafter "2N") outline, and researched Hodgkins disease, which afflicts one of my central characters. Have developed a table to track "normal" Hodgkins-treatment timelines against the timeline of 2N, so I have a sort of sense of what happens when, cancer-wise and plot-wise.

Tomorrow I do the same for wedding planning, which afflicts another of my central characters.

Thursday, I continue to fluff out outline, and then Friday morning I put together the quick, key-word table that tracks various plot lines against each other for easy comprehension for one who, mid-process, is usually very confused.

All this as an attempt to put together the master 2N Bible, a project I'm going to attempt to pull together even as I'm in Colorado next week.

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