Friday Check-in

Despite wishing I could stay home and drink hot cocoa and read novels all day -- rain, rain, and more rain here in sunny Los Angeles -- I got to the office and spent a coupla hours working on the Wedding Timeline, generating material for 2N. Am now printing that 35 page document at crawlingly slow deskjet speed (I knew there had to be a reason I picked up an HP for less than $300). Following that I need to print the 15 page Cancer Timeline, and the 28 page draft-in-prog of Dirty Darlene, all so I can lug this stuff to Meeker, where I look forward to some time in my old bed, papers spread all about, making more notes and more notes and more notes!


1. Create a comprehensive 2N table that tracks Cancer, Wedding, and Renovations simultaneously

2. Update Character Studies for 2N

3. Update 2N treatment, according to 2N table

4. Complete new draft of DIRTY DARLENE

Obviously, that's a lot to try to accomplish in 2 days on the ground, but considering I wasn't initially planning to write at all next week--which is why, of course, I've been dragging myself to the office this whole holiday-ish week--if I get any of this done at all, I'm ahead of the game.

Happy New Year, everybody. May we all accomplish great things.

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Welcome back. Nice to see you on a roll again.