Day Two Curse Averted

Well, two days plunged into new process and water is still fine ... 1721 words today, and Chapter 4 complete -- though, as always, "complete" is grain-of-salt for "has beginning, middle, end, and reasonable arc, but still requires psychological deepening -- good enough, however, for this 'rush-thru' draft."

Have also spent a few minutes playing with the last paragraph of "Dirty Darlene," which still is not quite right, but will take to Husband and ask his opinion tonight. Darlene still dies, but it's clearer that it's a choice she makes -- as a friend said about another woman I knew who killed herself this summer: "she made it very clear that [death] was what she wanted."

And there but for the grace of Whomever go all.

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So, I'm just thinking out loud here, spinning my wheels on your real estate (where I don't feel nearly the same pressure to be coherent), but vis-a-vis the recent DFW comments I ran at TEV, I can't help but wonder if we've reached a point where a concluding suicide is going to feel inherently melodramatic no matter how skillfully it's executed. Obviously, I'm interested to see your take but I do wonder if you're not setting yourself an exceedingly difficult task. Of course, at the same token, if that's really where you feel the character's truth lies, then ya gotta go there. Interesting conundrum.

This is much more fun than working on my book.