This Is Why They Call It Work

Sometimes this is an entirely joyless pursuit. I have just spent the better part of 3 hours trying to shape Chapter 3. I have an opening, though I can't say I'm in love with it--I think tomorrow I need to rewrite the scene so that Anna and Ingrid and Elf and Charlie actually talk about what they're doing at Hart. Then, I want to skip the whole "Nic loves Elf" thing I was going to write, and go back into present action: Rosh Hashanah, and Anna meeting Christy. And in fact, the way out of that scene is for Charlie to arrive, and Nic and Christy to move tables when he does... and then Anna can say, well, so much for sentimentality, things are back to normal now. But she clings to history, b.c. history is everything at Hart ... I need to get that somehow back in. AARGH. Confusing writing day but I will muddle through eventually, as always, right?

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Anonymous said...

Of course you will. Because not doing so is far more painful. Plus, you have a Feb. deadline.