"Do You Want What You Call The Jelly and I Call The Jam" ...

... is a line from my favorite movie ever, International Velvet, which is not the Elizabeth Taylor movie you are thinking of but its far more interesting sequel, starring Tatum O'Neill. It's a wonderful film, but you seem to need to be a certain kind of person to appreciate it, as no one I've ever turned on to it has gotten it's appeal. BUT ANYWAY:

What was Chapter 1 and is now Chapter 2, is, for the moment, done. Which means I am into Chapter 3 tomorrow.

Have also started integrating notes into "Dirty Diane" and realize it is going to be slower going than previously thought. Biggest problem is going to be the ending, obviously, as I kind of like how macabre it is. However, I feared it was melodramatic to the extreme, and that was basically confirmed for me at Group. No one wants Diane plowing into a bus b/c they feel it's out of character, and I buy that. Trouble is, I LOVE HER PLOWING INTO A BUS. So a choice has to be made -- am I more in love with that final image or the person D. is now? One or the other clearly has got to give.

I seem to have made myself believe this whole story started with that image to begin with, but that's not true. Actually, this whole story came out of my remembering that the woman who inspired this story was rumored to actually LIVE in a school-bus.

I have school-busses on the brain, clearly, as my new Chapter 1 is school-bus-centric also.

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Kill your darlings.