Sabrina Lloyd Reads Books

Ok, we all remember Sabrina Lloyd, right? (Lie if you don't so I'll still respect you). We remember her because she was so good on "Sports Night," (see, I helped you out there), the cancellation of which was a crime against thinking-people's-TV. (Granted, perhaps cancelling "Sports Night" was better than handing it over to John Wells, as they did with "West Wing." Ick.)

Anyway, Sabrina Lloyd was lurking about Skylight looking for books. She actually asked the question "Where is your Forensic Crime section?" Anyway, Skylight doesn't have such a section, so she kept having to come back up front, where I was slowing everybody down making them order me books they didn't have BECAUSE PEOPLE HAD ALREADY CLEANED THEM OUT (I LOVE EAST SIDERS). And she said:

"It's so nice to see someone who likes books so much."

And I said, "Yeah, well, I've been having trouble with bookstores in the last year or so, so this is me facing my fear."

"Trouble with bookstores?"

"I'm a writer," I said, and then I left. Then I beat myself up much of the afternoon thinking, I should have introduced myself, she was very real and I do think of her as smart and talented and she was buying BOOKS and wasn't wearing any make up. Come to think of it, she was wearing the sorts of low-key Sunday clothes -- skirt and a t-shirt and sneakers and a cardboard cup of coffee -- that I was wearing. We could have been friends, dammit.

And then several hours later, I nearly flattened her with my SUV as she was on her Sunday evening walk through the canyon where it seemes we both live.

How fun. I like minor-almost-forgotten-star-sightings better than the other kind, especially when I get to talk about something I like.

For instance, several months back I was in NY on line (NO, YOU STUPID CALIFORNIANS, I WAS NOT "IN" LINE, I WAS "ON" IT) at the ticket office for the Roundabout production of "Company" and Adam Arkin was on line ahead of me. Some blue-haired old lady came up and asked him if he had gone to high school in Florida. He said no, I started giggling, so he turned around and looked at me.

"I guess you get that a lot," I said.

"That or, 'Are you the guy who married my dentist's sister?'" he said.

"Well, I could have just harrassed you with 'I grew up in Chappaqua and my mom and I used to be thrilled seeing your Dad coming out of the menswear shop and such.'"

So we talked about Chappaqua for a little while -- he wanted to know if we'd gone to high school together, funnily enough -- and then we had that lovely confusing Joe Public shakes hand with TV Star moment, where he said "I'm Adam" and I thought "I know that you big weirdo" but I said "I'm Sarah" instead.

Kinda made my night, that moment. Also the show was pretty damn good.

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