Driving in LA ...

There are upsides and downsides, clearly. Upsides, you get to drive, which mostly I find means I actually have the time/inclination to hear the news and return phonecalls.


For instance, today on Gower, a HUGE truck hauling a HUGE trailer was jack-knifed trying to get into the Gower Studios and it took him about ten minutes to sort that out. And this weekend, en route to Writing Group #2, which literally involves driving down Beachwood, taking a left, and going about a mile ... I had to TAKE THE FREEWAY AROUND A STREET FAIR on the Franklin Strip. Literally went about 4 miles out of the way, which wouldn't be such a bother if a) I didn't drive an SUV and b) gas wasn't $2.06 even at the cheapest Arco in LA. What does this have to do with film production? I had a horrible suspicion that it wasn't even a REAL street fair they'd blocked off the roads to protect. A huge preponderance of trucks and PAs made me think it was FAKED FOR A MOVIE.


Granted, sometimes it's fun to get stuck in movie-traffic ... for instance, a few months back, I got a laugh watching a mummy driving a convertible.

But still, mostly it makes me CRAZY.

And as usual, I have said all of this before, which is hilarious considering I didn't even LIVE HERE then.

Less hilarious, given that this goes on in our great big world.

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