300 Words Daily

Today was a pulling teeth day, the sort of day one congratulates oneself for creating the "300 Words A Day" rule so one doesn't have to go home and beat oneself up all night. In point of fact, I wrote probably about 1000 words today, trying to find my scene, and once the scene was found (in which Anna discovers Charlie is dead), I had a strong-ish 344. Which I will be bringing home to my husband, so he can stroke me for a job well-ish done.

Speaking of husbands, he did the unthinkable and SHOWED UP AT THE OFFICE TODAY. And I was weak, so I went to lunch with him. (Hard to say no to a man who says, "I just figured I had a little free time, so I should go lunch with my wife.") That said, I was strong and put in an additional hour at the office past my normal writing time to make up for it. I am TRYING, really.

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