I'm Baaaaack ...

Two months later. Married (woohoo), honeymooned (woohoohoo), and finally home. Spent a week playing housewife, unpacking boxes, but now I am back at the office and definitely getting back to speed. Wrote 713 words on ITS CLINGING HABIT today, in what is ostensibly to be Chapter 4. Also read throught pre-wedding work on RENOVATIONS, and there is definitely something there, so I have ping-ponging projects to keep me busy. (Of course, this requires buying more bulletin boards).

Have also joined a SECOND writer's group, so that should keep me focused focused focused.

Ah, the perils of being a woman writer: Today I received an email from a Columbia MFA friend of mine, congratulating me on getting my thank-you notes out within 6 weeks of said wedding, and with photos in them, no less. He, on the other hand, has been spending the 6 months since HIS nuptials writing and completing the mss of his second novel. Which is great, he's a fabulous writer. But why isn't he slowed and pulled from his writer-time by thoughts of renovating, cleaning, decluttering, in his free time?

Because he's a HE, that's why.

One more hour in the office. Gonna push farther now, see how far I can really really go.